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Download Bigtakip APK (latest v1.0) for Android [new update]

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DescriptionAbout Bigtakip APK:There are very few ways to increase your Instagram followers and likes. You will have to p


About Bigtakip APK:

There are very few ways to increase your Instagram followers and likes. You will have to put lots of effort to gain access to thousands of people who use Instagram and convince them to follow your profile or give likes on your posts. You will feel the challenge much if you are new to this social site. It is really hard to find genuine and organic followers because there are millions of scammers and fake Instagram users that only waste your time. You will enjoy the increase in the Instagram followers but that is not giving you any benefit.

When you are having a strong fan base on your Instagram account then small and large business companies will come to you for their product promotions and ads. You can get handsome money from these passive working sites. You will also enjoy celebrity treatment in social gatherings. For all, you could enjoy being a celebrity due to your Instagram account and millions of followers. People will follow you and they will admire the things you will do or accomplish.

As I said earlier that getting real and instant organic followers or likes is very tough. Instagram users have to spend a large sum of money to buy followers and likes for their profiles. This cannot be afforded by anyone and especially new Instagram users. So, to help you get real followers and likes we are offering the new Bigtakip APK. This is a free application that helps new Instagram users to increase their followers and get thousands of likes on their posts. The application can be downloaded for free and no subscription or registration charges are applied.

What is Bigtakip APK?

Bigtakip APK is an amazing application using which you can auto like your posts, send likes, send followers, and also share your profile with others. The application is certainly the best Instagram-based application that helps lots of users to build a strong and legit fan following on their Instagram profiles.

This application is the news source for getting all the benefits but most Instagram users are not aware of this application. They are considering this application like others on the Internet. They are thinking the same like this application will also be coin base, we have to spend real money to buy followers or likes, etc. things like these are holding them back from downloading Bigtakip APK on their devices.

Sincerely saying, this application is clean of all that myths. You don’t have to spend money on buying coins or features. The application offers all the premium features for free and surprisingly no registration charges will be applied while accessing the official application. The application is a bit handy and all the options and tools are so simple that new users will not feel difficulty while using the features. A clean and neat homepage with simple icons will aid your convenience.

How you can use the application?

The Bigtakip APK is not like other coin-related Instagram applications. There are many applications that are first asking for coins to get followers and likes. You have to spend your time and energy collecting these coins by completing head aching tasks. But Bigtakip APK is totally the opposite.

You have to sign up using a fake account in this application. After that, you can send real followers, likes, comments, and gifts to your real Instagram account using the Bigtakip APK features and tools. Also, the application gives many other features to highlight and show your posts on various sites on Instagram. How simple is that! Only make fake accounts and send thousands of followers, likes, share your content, and many more.

Features offered by Bigtakip APK:

The application has been created with simple and easy controls with a clean and less distracting interface. There will be few but striking icons and options to make your work easy. You can also change the look of the application using the tools offered for free. The application is also compatible with all low and high devices so don’t panic about the working or compatibility.

Using the features of Bigtakip APK you can;
Increase Followers-your Instagram account will get a huge fan following when you use Bigtakip APK. You will be famous in days.
Share your posts-You can share your posts using this fake account to many popular sites and pages on Instagram.
Send Followers-Using this application you can send followers to your real Instagram account.
Send likes-The application can be used to give likes on your posts.
Posting comments-You can post comments on your photos or videos from this fake account and no one can identify you.
Unfollow-you can locate fake users or those who are not following back and you can easily unfollow them as well.

You can use various tools to highlight your profile and posts.
Text styles
Different filters
Share your content
Using this application you can share your posts to
Famous pages
Product pages
Business accounts
Entertainment pages
Genuine followers
You will get real followers and you can send them to your real Instagram account.
The user interface is simple and mobile-friendly.
Provide security to your real Instagram account.
You will get instant results from the fast servers.

Additional benefits offered include:

Simple and easy login
Block scammers and fake users
Real and organic likes
Unlimited number of followers
Free to download and use
Offers customization tools


Bigtakip APK can be your ultimate solution to get a massive fan following on your Instagram account. You can be the new celebrity being featured on TV serials, ads, product promotions, etc. Download Bigtakip APK to send followers, likes, and comments to your real account.

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