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Body Builder Photo Suit Editor APK is a free app listed in Photography Apps. It is very easy to install Body Builder Pho

Body builder photo suit app with man suit. Try on Body builder app, Man body editor, Man body shape editor, and Man body style. photo lift face body editor is provides six pack abs look with face body editing functions. Without gym many people like to show themselves fit, then six pack photo editor has brought for you the formula of looking gym body. Bodybuilder photo suit app is very easy to use.

Put Photo:
– Take a new photo from the camera or select a photo from the gallery.
– Photo editor crop an image, we flip an image horizontally and vertically also.
– You can rotate the image at a different 360-degree angle.

Set Photo:
-In Body builder photo suit app, Zoom in and zoom out the image using fingers to create perfect body shaping. Set the photos so that the body of the ligament is formed by exercising in the gym.

Use Auto:
– In a man suit, Auto erase the selected area automatically.
– The photo editor can also restore the image and undo-redo the erased image.
– Body shape editor can zoom in and zoom out the erased image.
– If you are not comfortable erasing the image, Change the erased background.

– For the face change in the body, the images erased by this facility are left to erase the remaining area.

– Take a look at man bodybuilder suits like a black body, white body, and Asian man body-color, etc.
– Muscular body builder suit also includes six packs body, slim body, Eight packs body, High muscles body, Fewer muscles body, etc.

– Bodybuilder photo suit app has different related backgrounds like Wrestling background, Sports background, Gym background, Workout section background, etc.
– You can choose “no image” and put a plain background
– You can choose your own background from the gallery also.

Opacity and Contrast:
– In man suit opacity and contrast used in match color of your face body with bodybuilder bodysuit.

– End of the edited image, any mistaken found, You can undo or redo the image.
– You can reset the erase image in the bodybuilder photo suit app.

Sticker and Emoji:
– Take a look at man bodybuilder stickers like sunglasses emoji, cap emoji, beard emoji, mustache emoji, different hairstyle emoji, tattoos emoji, etc.
– Man body suit has different beautiful emojis.

-Bodybuilder photo suit app has different text with beautiful text colors.

– In a muscular man body photo suit, take the beautiful filter and make your photo attractive.
– A filter like Struck filter, Clarendon filter, Old man filter, Mars filter, April filter, Amazon filter, Starlit filter, Whisper filter, Lime filter, Haan filter, Blueness filter, Adele filter, Cruz filter, Metropolis filter, Audrey filter, etc.

– In Man suit, You can highlight and blur the particular area of the image.
– The focus has a cover square and round-shaped area of the image.

Magic Brush:
– It can put a magic effect on your photo. It has so many magic effects like the Bubble effect, Star effect, Round effect, Flower effect, Different colored bubble effect, etc.

– Man body suit has a different new effect layer which makes your photo more beautiful.

Toon Effect:
– Oil paint effect makes your photo more effective.
– Different beautiful are effects and oil layers give you an attractive look on your photo.

Upload Image:
– After saving the image, View your perfect photoshop body in the folder.
– you can share, upload, and delete your beautiful image.
– Upload your image on social media, you have to log in compulsory via social media then upload the image.

Share Your Creativity:
– Upload the edited image on share your creativity area.
– Bodybuilder suit in Share your creativity area, Man bodybuilder photo suit app has viewed the image on my post area.
– In the all area tab, view all the images which is a post by all users. You can like and share the image also.
– If misuse your image by anyone, You can report the admin.
– Enjoy your new beautiful sports photos.

Download APK(v1.75)

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